Shining a light on PIMS-TS
( Paediatric Multi-inflammatory Syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 )

There has been an amazing amount of research carried out on PIMS-TS in a very short period, across the globe. As a new and acute syndrome linked to the cause of a pandemic, we had to find out about it quickly, to be able to treat it successfully. For this reason, funding was also forthcoming and much productive collaboration between scientists and medics has taken place around the world.


So, what areas has the research focused on?

  • Identifying what causes PIMS-TS
  • Identifying symptoms and considering appropriate treatments
  • Identifying which children/groups of children are more likely to get PIMS-TS
  • Examining the links between Kawasaki and PIMS-TS and what we can learn from this
  • Identifying the genome sequence of PIMS-TS
  • Looking for potential links between Long Covid and PIMS-TS
  • Looking at whether vaccinations could prevent PIMS-TS
  • Considering whether PIMS-TS could be present in atypical or incomplete forms


Some of these areas of research with links to further reading have been included in other sections of the website. The remainder are included below.