Shining a light on PIMS-TS
( Paediatric Multi-inflammatory Syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 )
Long COVID in Children

The COVID-19 dialogue for some time has been that children do not get ill with COVID. This has led to a lack of protection, which has led to high case rates in children, which has led to children with Long COVID and children with PIMS-TS.

Over the course of the pandemic, as more children became ill, their families looked for support and there was none, so they created their own and LONG COVID KIDS and PIMS-TS family support groups were born in October 2020. Since then, they have grown to memberships of 5.5K and 3.3K respectively.

The mission statement of Long Covid Kids has 4 strands:


Although PIMS-TS presents in a different way to Long COVID, our goals are essentially the same and we are mutually supportive in achieving them, for the benefit of all children who have been affected by COVID-19.


Long Covid Kids Links

Long Covid Kids & Friends registered charity - lots of useful information and links:


Long Covid Kids Support Facebook support group - please join for advice and support if you think your child might have Long COVID.


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LCK Affiliate groups - please find and support on twitter.

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Awareness pack for Schools and Families


The similarities between Long COVID and PIMS-TS are as follows:

  • They are both caused by COVID-19.
  • They both occur after COVID-19 infection, which often presents asymptomatically in children.
  • Some of the symptoms of the acute presentation of PIMS-TS are the same as the long-term symptoms of Long COVID. Some of the persistent long-term symptoms of both conditions are the same or similar.
  • They are both under acknowledged and under supported by central Government.


The differences between Long COVID and PIMS-TS are as follows:

  • PIMS-TS usually presents as an acute condition requiring hospitalization and/or PICU treatment, 2-6 weeks after COVID infection.
  • For some children with PIMS-TS who receive prompt treatment, the prospect is a quick and successful recovery from the acute illness followed by a period of recovery with some post ICU symptoms, then a complete recovery.
  • For some children with PIMS-TS, life changing medical issues remain, ie aneurysms. Some children can develop POTS, PANDAS or PANS which are live changing.
  • Long COVID usually presents as a chronic condition, appearing after COVID infection What-is-long-covid?
  • Long COVID symptoms are extensive and vary from child to child. They are generally more life limiting than the long-term symptoms of PIMS-TS.