Long term impact of PIMS-TS

We are focusing in this section on the research into the long-term clinical impact of PIMS-TS.
The follow up care section (LINK) talks more about short to medium term symptoms following PIMS-TS, the psychological impact to both children and families and the children who have gone on to suffer organ damage, or infection-induced autoimmune conditions such as PANS or PANDAS.

Neurological damage in children with PIMS-TS

GOSH Study on Long term neurological (and psychological) impact of PIMS-TS

Possible case of missed PIMS-TS leading to long COVID. It would be interesting to know how many PIMS-TS children go on to suffer with Long COVID.

6-month multidisciplinary follow-up and outcomes of patients with paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS-TS

Neurologic study in COVID/PIMS-TS and COVID non PIMS-TS children

Study of higher morbidity of PIMS-TS children in Brazil

A viewpoint from Australia

COVID Complications in Children

As all these documents attest, it is clear that continued follow up of children with PIMS-TS is vital to chart the course of this COVID linked syndrome. We hope that the necessary funding will be made available for this, both in the UK and elsewhere and that international collaboration will continue.
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