Shining a light on PIMS-TS
( Paediatric Multi-inflammatory Syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 )
In memory of Alexander Parsons
About PIMS-Hub

“We started the COVID-19 PIMS-TS/MIS-C Information, Discussion and Support Facebook Group in the wake of the death of our perfect 8-month-old son, Alexander Parsons. Our aim was to raise awareness of PIMS-TS as well as Kawasaki disease, to have a place to support one another, to ask questions and to get PIMS recognised on a national level - in the hope that no other parents will have to deal with the same loss that we continue to live with every day.” Kathryn & Jon


This website has been created by an extraordinarily strong and courageous group of families whose children have been affected by PIMS-TS over the last 2 years and who continue to support each other in our Facebook group. As of March 2022 we have 3.3K members, from the UK and around the world. Their common goal is to raise awareness and share information with both the parent population and the medical profession, to ensure the best outcomes for children. We hope you find our website useful and ask only that you share what you learn with other parents.


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, please contact us via our email if you spot any errors or omissions.

Thank you.


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Our Aim

To provide an online source of PIMS-TS information which is comprehensive, but easy to access and available to all, to raise the profile and awareness of PIMS-TS in the UK and beyond.

Our Objectives

  • To put PIMS in the spotlight through national awareness
  • To ensure the best outcomes for children before, during and after PIMS, by enhancing awareness in parents and medics.
  • To compliment the more interactive role of our Facebook group
  • To work in cooperation with other groups and organisations to put PIMS firmly on the map
  • To push for PIMS data to be made public
  • To push for PIMS symptoms to be on all NHS advice sites
  • To push for a designated PIMS role to be created in the NHS, to allow monitoring of the before, during and after care in PIMS-TS children
  • To push for research into the long term implications of PIMS.


Introducing just some of our brave and amazing young people who want to help spread awareness of PIMS-TS
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